Iganony Viewer

View & Download Instagram Stories

Curious about the Instagram stories of those you follow, but want to keep your identity hidden? Iganony is here to help. It offers a private method for viewing Instagram stories without compromising anyone’s privacy or leaving a trace.

Userfriendly & Simple

Iganony operates entirely online, so there’s no need to bother with downloading apps or extensions. It functions flawlessly on various devices, including iPhones, iPads, tablets and desktops and supports all major operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. It’s also compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Explore Instagram Anonymously

With the surge of over 700 million active daily users on Instagram, viewing Instagram stories has become an integral part of the online social experience. It lets you sneak a peek into the daily lives of others through their stories, which are available for only 24 hours, providing an instant and raw snapshot of their day-to-day activities. Dive into your favorite accounts’ stories without alerting them, enjoying the thrill of discovery while remaining hidden.

no account require

Access Instagram stories, reels and other posts via Iganony without any need to sign up or log into an account and you don’t have to install anything at all.


Using Iganony or the alternative InstaNavigation viewer, you remain completely anonymous. Your view does not appear in the account owner’s view statistics, ensuring your privacy is intact.


We provide a simple interface that makes watching Instagram profiles anonymously a breeze. Simply launch the tool, enter the desired username and start watching in privacy.

Follow the Below Instructions to View Stories

  1. Locate the user or brand profile you’re interested in.
  2. Enter their Instagram username in the search field.
  3. Hit the watch button once the username is entered; Iganony promptly pulls up and displays the available stories.
  4. You’ll receive complete profile details, including the exact Instagram username and ID, along with options to watch the stories anonymously and download them directly to your device.

Yes, Iganony is completely free. It requires no registration and you can access it anytime without any charge.

No need for installations— Iganony is a web-based tool that you use directly online. It’s not only free but also secure and safe.

Indeed, you can view and download Instagram Reels, videos and photos using the Iganony app.

Absolutely. You can anonymously view Instagram stories using either a computer or a smartphone. All you need is an internet connection and the username of the person whose profile you want to view. Iganony works across a wide range of devices, including computers, tablets, iPhones/iPads and Android devices.