12 Reasons Why Media Students Should Use Instagram


Being a media student shows your brimming talent and burning ambition. You’ve honed your skills, but the path to your dream career seems shrouded in mystery. How do you break into an industry that often feels like a closed club?

The answer might surprise you. it’s right there in your pocket.  Instagram, the social media platform often associated with perfectly curated vacations and influencer lifestyles, can be a powerful tool for media students to launch themselves into the industry.

12 Reasons Why Every Media Student Should Use Instagram

Here are 12 compelling reasons why every media student should leverage Instagram:

1. Cultivate Your Creative Voice and Develop a Visual Aesthetic

Carrying big fat folders for information has become history. Instagram is a virtual world. You can post different content such as images, videos, Instagram Stories, and Reels while maintaining complete control of the format and the appearance. But, scrolling through Instagram can help you to stay informed and inspired, which may help you during your media content. 

2. Build a Portfolio That Travels with You

Instagram enables users to showcase their work in an exciting and conveniently shareable format that is unlikely to be duplicated by other computing platforms. Do not post just the end results that you have arrived at after completion of the assignment or a specific task. 

3. Network with Industry Professionals and Fellow Media Students

Today, the promotion is achieved by directly interacting with specific accounts, using hashtags connected to your industry, as well as following and interacting with brands/ publications you appreciate. This platform allows media students to share and discover magnificent, interesting and engaging picture or photos. 

4. Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Trends and Discover New Inspiration

Instagram is a versatile source of inspiration and information as it is constantly updated. One may follow various agencies, influential publications, and media schools to keep track of the new trends. Use Instagram’s “Saved” function by creating folders with the topics and ideas inspiring, tutorials, and the latest trends. You can also buy Instagram followers to create influence.

5. Learn from Established Creators and Participate in Challenges

It is also worth noting that many industry insiders and professors keep their accounts active on Instagram to educate others. Focus on user-generated content that includes recommendations, explanations, and photo or video documentation. When you are engaging in some of these challenges, make sure that you use the right hashtags and also @ the person who started this. It makes your work more accessible and notable within the community and can also help others find it.

6. Promote Your Freelance Services and Land Paid Gigs

Instagram is a fantastic platform to showcase your skills and attract potential clients. Optimize your profile bio with a call to action, highlight your services in story highlights, and use relevant hashtags to reach your target audience. 

7. Gain Valuable Feedback and Insights from Your Audience

Direct feedback from your audience is a feature not found in conventional portfolios. Promote more content, engage your readers, reply to comments, and post messages to keep your readers actively involved in the process of writing.

8. Develop Your Social Media Marketing Skills

Interestingly, like any other social media platform, it is fundamental to have the knowledge to expand a brand or business on Instagram. There is no universal rule of what type of content to share when to post it, and how to caption it. One needs to test it themselves. 

9. Explore Paid Advertising Options to Boost Your Reach

The fact that Instagram advertising gives you the ability to reach the ideal audience by pinpointing your ads can be a big plus. This is worth a try, especially if you are a freelancer offering your services to different customers or even an artist who would like to share his work with as many people as possible. 

10. Humanize Your Brand and Showcase Your Personality

Instagram is a place where one displays work as well as shares information about themselves. In your posts, include snippets of your life, views on real-world topics or challenges, and how you work as an artist. Use Instagram Stories to provide teasers and the maker journey, answer questions from your audience and show some backstage moments.

11. Learn Content Creation Best Practices Through Trial and Error

Instagram is a platform that is as safe as a testing ground to try different types of content and even captions narration styles. Self-assess your posts and modify your approach depending on the viewers’ preferences to find out what engages them the most. In doing so, the corresponding strategies for video editing, graphical design, and captions should be varied as well. 

12. Contribute to a Positive and Supportive Online Community

Engage with the hashtags, and you will find media students who need to be encouraged on the platform. Give and receive feedback, contribute to threads with helpful information, and engage in conversations about subjects that concern the field and profession. Host a live session on Instagram or make a list of ‘best tips and tricks’ stories where you can teach newcomers some important rules of the occupation.


With this one can understand how important Instagram is for professing media students to exhibit their skills, establish their identity, and interact with the world. Thus, give your attention to the platform to get the proper experience, to retain significant skills, and to prepare yourself in terms of media in the present and future.